What to expect from Apple and Meta’s upcoming headsets

If you’re tired of hearing the word ‘metaverse,’ I don’t blame you — I’m there with you. For now, it looks like all talk and no substance. At best, we’ve seen legless avatars floating around in a virtual meeting room, and that doesn’t sound appealing.

While many of us are struggling to imagine what the metaverse might look like, it’s a certainty that virtual reality/mixed reality headsets will play an immense role in it.

There are two big companies that might release a new headset next year, and finally launch us into the rich experiences that have been promised to us for years: Apple and Meta (Facebook).

While Meta has been loudly announcing its ambitions, Apple has been rather quiet.

We know a few things about what we can expect from these companies next year. Let’s dive into them:


There’s huge anticipation about what Apple’s first attempt at VR/MR hardware will look like. Both Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have noted that the company could release the headset next year.

Multiple reports suggested that this headset could be priced at $3,000 or above. So, it might be targeted towards developers and gaming enthusiasts.

Leo Gebbie, a principal analyst at CCS Insights, suggested that it’s unlikely of Apple to move early in the market and release a device that only a few people can access.

He noted that while Apple doesn’t have any direct involvement with VR, its ARKit API is proof of the company’s expertise in spatial computing. So we should expect rich experiences through a tightly-curated App Store.

Credit: The Information

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