We asked Slack why it plays smooth jazz in lonely Huddles

These days, Slack and other professional communication software is as ubiquitous as email. This means that when something changes, it’s a Big Deal. For me, at least

Something Slack rolled out in the last several months is called Huddles, a live audio feature that’s effectively a Clubhouse clone. The idea is rather than having a full blown meeting, you have a Huddle instead, which is an audio-only discussion with everyone in that specific channel or chat.

At the time of its release, the only mystery to me was who the hell would use this feature? Well, it turns out… me.

Not long after this realization, a bigger mystery reared its head: when I was the final person on a Huddle, smooth jazz started playing.

The sultry saxophone licks begin, as they always do, with this notification:

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