Twitter’s auto-refresh fix makes wading through the cesspit worthwhile

Twitter may be a cesspit, but sometimes it’s worth trudging through toxic waste in search of buried treasure. If you find a pithy wisecrack or a memorable meme, dysentery doesn’t feel so awful. Unless, of course, Twitter’s auto-refresh vaporizes the tweet before you’ve pulled it out of the pigshit.

After tormenting users with this issue for years, the bird app has finally shown some mercy.

Twitter announced on Tuesday that it will no longer automatically refresh your feed. Instead, you can now choose when you want to load new tweets by clicking on the tweet counter bar at the top of your timeline.


Twitter first revealed that it was working on the issue in September. The company acknowledged that the problem was “a frustrating experience” and pledged to roll out a solution over the next two months.

Kudos to the company for listening to user feedback and delivering the fix on schedule. If those rare diamonds we discover don’t disappear mid-read, it could make doomscrolling through our timelines occasionally worthwhile.


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