This top-to-bottom AWS training can make you a cloud expert and boost your IT career

TLDR: The 2021 Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Prep Bundle explores the world’s top cloud platform in detail, including training any IT pro needs.

If you needed more evidence of the importance of well organized and well managed cloud services to virtually every business on Earth, consider this — there’s an estimated $1 trillion on the table for companies who do it right. Granted, those are valuations for major Fortune 500-level corporations reaping a lion’s share of those benefits, but it highlights the game-changing nature of handling a company’s digital management just the right way.

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is still the cloud behemoth, accounting for nearly a third of the entire cloud infrastructure services market. With the training in The 2021 Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Prep Bundle ($29.74 after code SAVE15NOV from TNW Deals), both novices and IT professionals will get the training to correctly handle that conversion for companies of any size on the world’s most powerful cloud platform.

There’s a lot to pick up across these 7 courses featuring over 74 hours of critical information, but for students who drink it all in, it’s a fast track to moving into higher-level IT engineering and architecture roles with more responsibilities — and bigger paychecks.

For first-timers, the AWS Cloud Essentials: The Total Course training sets the stage. This course serves a dual role, functioning as an solid introductory primer into the terminology and concepts at the heart of the AWS platform, as well as guiding even seasoned network techs deeper into everything AWS offers. It even covers the basics of AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials and AWS Technical Essentials training, certification level instruction that Amazon charges $675 to teach to new learners.

Meanwhile, this package goes deeper, including hands-on knowledge for designing your own migration strategies, steps for working with a DevOps pipeline, and more real-world learning experience. There are also a handful of courses aimed squarely at getting users certified in a host different AWS roles, including prep for courses in becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, an AWS Certified Database Specialist, and more.

Each course in The 2021 Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Prep Bundle is valued at $200, but right now, the entire package is available for a fraction of that total at just $29.74.

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