The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me officially announced as the ‘Season Finale’ of the series

Bandai Namco has formally announced The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, the next chapter in Supermassive Games’ horror series.

In fact, the game is being touted as The Dark Pictures Anthology‘s first season finale. The game was actually first revealed in a post credit scene in last week’s The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes. However, the studio wanted to give fans a week to finish the game before the formal announcement today.

The plot sees a group of documentary filmmakers invited to a replica of ‘The Murder Castle’. This mysterious location is said to be the former lair of one H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer. However, once they get there they find they’re being watched. Quickly things go off the rails, and it seems this watcher has deadly plans of his own for the crew.

There’s a distinctly Saw-like feel to proceedings, which you can see in the teaser below. The name The Devil in Me was actually first uncovered by a trademark listing back in July.  If you haven’t gotten to the most recent entry in the series yet, you can check out our review of The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes right over here.

There’s no platforms or release date yet, but on the trend of the last three games then we can probably make an educated guess. So we’d say to expect The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me around October 2022 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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