Subnautica studio Unknown Worlds acquired by PUBG: Battlegrounds developer

Korean development collective Krafton has announced that it’s acquired the creators of Subnautica, Unknown Worlds.

A press release from both companies says With Unknown Worlds’ proven ability to create immersive experiences that resonate with gamers around the world, the latest acquisition plan will help KRAFTON expand its IP and diversify the company’s portfolio of groundbreaking games.”

Unknown Worlds will continue to operate as an independent studio. Their structure and leadership will remain in place “to retain its unique creative identity”. The terms of the deal were not disclosed at this time.

We have, of course, quotes from both parties. CH Kim, CEO of Krafton, is up first. “Unknown Worlds are incredibly skilled and passionate developers with an unparalleled gift for creativity and a proven track record of building successful player-driven worlds,” they said. KRAFTON will spare no effort in helping them. Not only do they enhance our development capabilities, but we share a goal of creating unique experiences for global audiences.”

Charlie Cleveland, Unknown Worlds CEO, offered his own comments. “It was immediately apparent how closely Unknown Worlds and Krafton are aligned in the way we think about games and game development,” said Charlie Cleveland, CEO of Unknown Worlds. “Subnautica and PUBG both started humbly and evolved successfully through constant iteration and feedback. We want to bring new games to the world stage – and with Krafton, we’re a big step closer. We’re truly looking forward to our future together.”

Unknown Worlds launched a sequel to SubnauticaSubnautica: Below Zero—earlier this year. According to the press release, the team are now working on “a new genre defining game” which will launch in early access in 2022.


on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Underwater open world exploration and construction survival game

Release Date:

29 October 2021


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