Star Ocean: The Divine Force announced for Xbox, PlayStation and PC in 2022

Square Enix has announced a new entry in the long running Star Ocean series, with Star Ocean: The Divine Force coming in 2022.

The game promises to tell a “gripping story that seamlessly melds science fiction and fantasy elements” together. Once more we’ll be following the dual stories of two protagonists; one named Raymond and the other named Laeticia. Raymond’s the captain of the merchant vessel Ydas who’s described as confident, perhaps to a fault. However, he’s also got a big heart, affable nature and “an sincere openness to meet others”.

Laeticia meanwhile is the princess of the Kingdom of Aucerius, a territory based on the undeveloped planet of Aster IV. After a neighbouring country threatens her people, she dons her armour and blades and sets out to meet a person who’s identity is currently being kept under wraps. On her way, she runs into Raymond, intersecting the journeys of our two heroes in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Each hero will offer their own perspective of the story and differing gameplay experiences. You can expect to meet plenty more characters, super high-speed action battles and rich exploration too. There’s also no random encounters either, rather you’ll seamlessly enter battles with enemies that populate the world. You can check out more in the game’s debut trailer below.

The game will also mark the 25th anniversary of the Star Ocean series. The first game arrived on the Super Famicom in Japan all the way back in 1996. The last entry was a remaster of a remake of the original game entitled Star Ocean: First Departure R on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch back in 2019.

You can expect Star Ocean: The Divine Force to arrive in 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.


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