Lies of P is an upcoming Souls-like where you play as Pinocchio

Publisher Neowiz has dropped a new gameplay trailer for Lies of P, an upcoming Souls-like where you play as Pinocchio.

Far from the quaint children’s tale that may come to mind, Lies of P takes place in a cruel and dark world. You wake up at an abandoned train station in Krat, a city described as being “overwhelmed by madness and bloodlust”. The only thing in front of you is a note telling you to find one Mr. Geppetto.

We’re promised an “elegant world filled with tension” where we’ll face off unspeakable horrors in a living hell. As another nod to its inspiration, lying will apparently be a major mechanic in Lies of P. Interconnected procedurally generated quests, we’re told, will play out differently depending on how you lie and even effect how the story ends.

You’ll also be combining weapons to make new deadly tools of destruction in Lies of P. And because you’re a living puppet, you’ll also have use of a grapple ability from the strings that attach your body parts together. You’ll also be able to use this to pull enemies towards you, as well as use a range of attacks. It all looks very Bloodborne-esque, as you can see in the trailer below.

There’s no release date given for Lies of P just yet. However, it’s expecting to land on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC whenever it does.

Lies of P

on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X

Lies of P


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