How to decide whether you should leave your job

We’ve all heard it before—while previous generations chose a career and stayed in their lane until they retired, many millennials are jumping around. In fact, according to a Gallup poll, 6 in 10 millennials are open to new jobs. And with COVID-19 giving us time to reflect and think about what we really want now that we are unable to take advantage of office perks, many are leaving their jobs, looking for a fresh start as the world reopens.

But it can be tough to know when to leave a job, and when to stay. To get some advice, we spoke to Xavier Jernigan, who is in-house talent at Spotify on our podcast, Hit The Ground Running. Currently, Jernigan cohosts Spotify’s flagship morning show The Get Up as well as other podcasts and Spotify events. Jernigan actually started at the company five years prior, coming on as North America head of editorial from Def Jam Recordings. Seeing an opportunity to work with movie and TV studios, he created and built out a partnerships team to oversee official playlists tied to culture moments (HBO’s Insecure and Disney franchises to name a few). 

Jernigan says that he knew it was time to leave his previous workplace when he stopped learning. “I wasn’t valued, and I felt that I reached a plateau. If you’re not getting treated like you want and deserve to be treated, if it’s making you feel less than in any way—mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically—then that’s when you need to start thinking about leaving and getting out the door, and having an exit strategy,” he says.

To get more advice on whether to stay or leave a job, and how to thrive and create your own role within an organization, listen to the latest episode of Hit The Ground Running.

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