How AI is shaping Adobe’s product strategy

This article is part of our series that explores the business of artificial intelligence.

Like every year, Adobe’s Max 2021 event featured product reveals and other innovations happening at the world’s leading computer graphics software company.

Among the most interesting features of the event is Adobe’s continued integration of artificial intelligence into its products, a venue that the company has been exploring in the past few years.

Like many other companies, Adobe is leveraging deep learning to improve its applications and solidify its position in the video and image editing market. In turn, the use of AI is shaping Adobe’s product strategy.

AI-powered image and video editing

Sensei, Adobe’s AI platform, is now integrated into all the products of its Creative Cloud suite. Among the features revealed in this year’s conference is an auto-masking tool in Photoshop, which enables you to select an object simply by hovering your mouse over it. A similar feature automatically creates mask layers for all the objects it detects in a scene.