Apple’s explanation for no Face ID on the MacBook Pro is nonsense

I told myself I wouldn’t write anything else about the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro‘s notch, but it’d help if Apple didn’t keep on giving me reasons to. Okay, this is the last time, for real.

When I first saw the notch, like many, I assumed it would have Face ID. The answer, as it turns out, was ‘no’ — the laptop uses boring old Touch ID instead. The unnecessarily large cutout is arguably at least in part a branding decision, especially with rumors circling around that the upcoming MacBook Air will have a notch too.

Nonetheless, I’d assumed a Face ID implementation was only a matter of time, given the sheer size of the notch, and the fact that Face ID is simply the more convenient technology. But if you ask Apple, at least, the reason they opted for Touch ID was altogether different.

Joanna Stern interviewed a couple of Apple execs for her MacBook Pro review and was basically told that Touch ID is more convenient on a laptop because… your hands are already on the keyboard.

Lol what? (Apple also suggested there’s no reason for a touchscreen MacBook, which is similarly silly).

As almost anyone who has used facial recognition on Windows — available on a myriad of Windows Hello equipped devices — will tell you, facial recognition is super convenient on a laptop. Heck, I’d argue it’s more useful on a laptop than on a phone.

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